St. Bernadette Parish

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With enthusiastic spirit and welcoming hearts, we join together in our Catholic Faith to know, 
love and serve God through worship, education, service and mission opportunities for all. 

With enthusiastic spirit and welcoming hearts, we join together in our Catholic Faith to know, 

love and serve God through worship, education, service and mission opportunities for all. 

Parish Opportunities and Initiatives

Volunteering with Youth

Are you interested in volunteering your time and efforts with the youth in the parish? The Diocese of Green Bay requires all volunteers 18 years and older to complete a Virtus training session prior to volunteering AND to register for a background check through eAppsDB. For an overview, click HERE

Virtus: You will need to register for a classroom setting training and an online profile. To get started, click HERE or go to Next, click the green button on the left (under login box) that says First Time Registrant. To find a training, you will need to find the Green Bay Diocese in the drop-down menu and continue through to a date and location that work best and complete the registration. To create a profile, you will again need to find the Green Bay Diocese in the drop-down menu. You will be prompted to create a username and password. Please keep your login information in a safe location. The Virtus website has a lot of information and monthly bulletins that you can access at any time. It is a great resource for volunteers, teachers and parents, to keeping up to date with safety concerns. 

Background Check: You will need to register for a background check HERE. You can also access the site through the Green Bay Diocese site: and will need to click on the eAppDB link. When prompted, you will need to enter gbdioc04 in the box marked access code. You will need this to complete the application.  

Both the Virtus training AND a background check are required prior to volunteering to be in compliance. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Erin Day, LoSEC Administrator at 920-739-4157. 

A Friend in Need

Mary and Jeff Lietz have been under a lot of strain as Mary continues her battle with a form of ALS. She recently had surgery and is unable to help transfer to chairs and the car because of weakness in her legs. The medicine she is receiving through the port they put in is helping with the pain and she is undergoing therapy to help build up her strength. They would greatly benefit from some meals brought in. Please sign-up to help so Jeff doesn't have to cook after returning from work on Thursdays. Their extended family is helping with other meal times. Thank you! - Sue Taylor

Click here to sign up/help:

Catholic Buiild- Habitat for Humanity- 2019

Jesus challenged us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. A great way to love your neighbor is by volunteering for the Fox Cities Habitat for Humanity Catholic Build!

Habitat for Humanity is providing us a chance to, once again, extend a helping hand by practicing our faith to help another Catholic family. The crew from Saint Bernadette Parish will be working on Thursday, April 4; Thursday, May 2 at different locations (see link below for details.)

We are in need of a site support person, a meal provider(s), and crew members.

Please go to the website: to find out how you can help.

We will also be making a financial contribution of $5,000 to the 2019 Build. We are incorporating this collection with our Lenten Mission Collection. If we do not reach our goal. we will have a special collection in early May. We ask you to share your time, talent and treasure. Thank you!

***Update from Tom Simon, Director of Development:

God bless you all!  Francisco and Maria got the keys to their new home this last Saturday.  I am getting the photos processed but wanted to give you a couple right now.

To say the family is grateful is a vast understatement.  Francisco is a great man but every volunteer loved Maria.  She is an incredible woman of faith.  She spoke at the dedication to thank everyone but especially God.  She said when she came near the house near completion, and the light showed off the glass, that she truly felt that God was at the home.  That it was blessed by all of you. 

Thank you all for making me proud to be Catholic.  You all came out in awful weather.  You did the work under brutal conditions, and you built a great Catholic family with 5 kids a wonderful home.  God bless you all!

Maria wrote a note and met with me 3 times trying to find the right Bible verse for it.  She wanted you to have it and asked if you would consider putting a piece of it in your bulletin.  She wanted every parishioner to know she is grateful.  And, if you attended the dedication, you could see she prepared enough food we probably could have fed them all!

“Catholic Build” will be the spring of each year.  Hope to work with you again.